How To Keep Your Conservatory In Tip Top Condition

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Having a conservatory is a great way to enjoy your garden whatever the weather.  The ability to step into a sun-bathed room and enjoy views of your garden all year round is something that many people cherish. To keep it looking at its best for many year of enjoyment, it really benefits from some regular and simple to carry out maintenance.

What better time than now to do it, as the sun will start to really shine next month, which will highlight any accumulated dirt and marks.

  1. Clean The Conservatory Frame

To clean your uPVC conservatory frame, use a soft cloth to wipe down any streaks or marks. Then use some warm, soapy water to try and dislodge any heavy grime that may have built up in corners or hard to reach places. For tough marks, you can use a non-solvent based cleaner that is appropriate for plastics to complete the job. It is important that you avoid using any abrasive, or solvent based cleaners. They can damage the sealing of your frame, which in turn reduces the water-proofness of your conservatory.

  1. Clean The Glass

We recommend that you clean your conservatory windows using a soft cloth and warm soapy water. This will help remove any grime that has accumulated on your windows. Wipe away any streaks with a dry, soft cloth and repeat until your windows are clean. When you are cleaning your conservatory windows, you must keep in mind that the glass is easily scratched. Because of this, it is important that you remove any hand jewellery (rings, bracelets, watches etc.) prior to cleaning.

  1. Clean The Conservatory Roof (Carefully!)

When cleaning your conservatory roof, please remember that safety should be your number one priority. Do not walk on your conservatory roof, and do not over reach when you are up a ladder.  You can clean your conservatory roof using the same method you used to clean your uPVC frame. A soft cloth, and warm soapy water, being careful of your seals that waterproof your home. You can also do your best to remove any leaves and debris that are on your conservatory roof. When left unchecked, they can create a dam which prevents water from being transported away efficiently. It will also improve the aesthetic of your roof, as you will not see debris every time you look at the sky.

  1. Clear Out Your Guttering

Your guttering is important for transporting water away from your home, or in this case your conservatory. Over the year, your guttering can be clogged from falling leaves and debris. When this happens, water cannot be efficiently transported and may start to pool. If water spills over your guttering, it can form puddles on top of or next to your main foundations. If left untreated, this small problem could cause some serious wear and tear damage. It is important to clear your gutters at the start, and the end of summer ready for the rest of the year.

Keeping your uPVC conservatory looking as good as the day it was installed really is that simple. Performing these few tasks on a regular basis will allow you to continue to enjoy your conservatory all year round.

For more information about adding a new conservatory to your home please feel free to speak to one of the Radley Windows team on 01235 512233.

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Radley WindowsHow To Keep Your Conservatory In Tip Top Condition