Stop Your Money Disappearing Into Thin Air With A Tiled Conservatory Roof

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Many homes choose to add a conservatory to provide extra space at a fraction of the cost of a bricks and mortar extension.  However, what is saved in the short term can often be lost over the longer lifespan, as most glass roofed conservatories are inefficient when it comes to conserving energy. This results in higher energy bills for the homeowner thanks to heat escaping through your roof.

Fortunately there is an innovative product on the market designed to stop your money disappearing into thin air. The Guardian Warm Roof is a tiled roof system that transforms glass roofed conservatories into a well insulated, smart looking rooms with the added benefits of:

  • No cold bridging
  • Reduced risk of condensation
  • Exceptional energy efficiency
  • The ability to use your conservatory all year round
  • LABC approved
  • Many different colours or styles
  • Consistent temperatures, all year round

What Is A Tiled Conservatory Roof Upgrade?

A tiled conservatory roof upgrade is the process of removing an old, inefficient glass conservatory or polycarbonate roof and replacing it with an advanced tiled roof structure. The Guardian Warm Roof is a high performance insulated roof system that is designed to create a thermally efficient living space. Together the pre-engineered lightweight frame, two layers of rigid insulation board, internal insulated plasterboard, exterior grade plywood, a vapour membrane and roof shingles or slate, to help to keep warm air out in the summer and prevent heat escaping in the winter. This creates a highly efficient system for saving heat energy needed to keep your conservatory at an ambient temperature all year round.

How Do Glass Conservatory Roofs Reduce Energy Efficiency?

Glass conservatories work the same way as giant windows, which can mean that if they are not made of a highly efficient glass they do not perform well in preventing heat from escaping. On top of that, a glass conservatory roof has a wide surface area that allows a lot of heat to escape in the winter, and too much heat to enter in the summer. This means that they are not good at holding a comfortable temperature, resulting in a room that’s sweltering in summer and freezing in winter. Because of this, you are constantly paying for energy to heat, or cool your home to maintain an ambient temperature.

How Will A Tiled Conservatory Roof Look?

Many conservatories can often look bolted on to your home, as the glass roof doesn’t match with the tiles using elsewhere. By upgrading to a tiled roof you can blend in this extra room to make it feel much more a part of your house.  The Guardian Warm Roof system even allows you to choose from a variety of tiles or shingles to get the match as close as possible to existing features. This not only look better, but shows your conservatory as part of your home, not as an added extra.

Will A Tiled Conservatory Change The Interior Of My Conservatory?

A Guardian Warm Roof transforms your interior and creates a space that’s a full time living area, that can be customised to completely suit your needs. Internally the new roof comes with a plaster finish and the option of LED lights and roof lights to keep it a light and airy space.  You can also add cosy timber flooring to deliver the finishing touch to your room. With the greater energy efficiency delivered by the tiled roof, also comes the ability to consider knocking through into the conservatory from say the kitchen or dining room, creating a whole new space with the wow factor.

Not only will upgrading to a tiled conservatory roof reduce your energy bills, it will totally transform how you use this extra space.  Radley Windows are certified Team Guardian members, meaning we are approved to install Guardian Warm Roof systems all across Oxfordshire. For more information on transforming your conservatory feel free to speak to a member of the Radley Windows team on 01235 512233.

Radley WindowsStop Your Money Disappearing Into Thin Air With A Tiled Conservatory Roof