Guardian Warm Roof

Do you have a conservatory that you wish you could make more use of?

Do you find that it’s too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter?

Do you wish it could be more like a garden room than a conservatory

Then our Guardian Warm Roof system is the perfect solution for you!

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Transform Your Conservatory With A Guardian Warm Roof

With a Guardian Warm Roof system, we completely remove the existing glass or polycarbonate roof and replace it with a solid, fully insulated roof structure, turning your conservatory into a garden room.

We can either convert an existing conservatory or install onto a new-build, to provide a cost-effective means of creating an additional usable room, without the expense and planning issues that an extension brings.

The Guardian Warm Roof already has Local Area Building Control (LABC) approval, and so the whole process of gaining planning and building regulations approval is incredibly straight-forward (and we handle this for you anyway).

A Guardian Warm Roof system will save you money on your heating bills and add value to your property, whilst also providing you with that extra room you always wanted.

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Guardian warm roof authorised

Radley Windows is the only Approved Supplier and Installer of Guardian Warm Roof systems in Oxfordshire.  We also cover Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and East Wiltshire.

Answers to your questions about the Guardian Warm Roof

We remove the complete roof, including the roof frame structure and the guttering.  We then fit a new purpose-built aluminium roof structure which is strong enough to take the weight of the warm roof and the internal insulation.

We then fit marine ply panels, followed by the new outer roof finish and new guttering on the outside.  We finish by lining the inside with high performance insulation, recessed lighting and any other ceiling electrics.

Fitting a Guardian Warm Roof to your conservatory will completely change the feel of it, giving it much more of a “garden room” feel.

Most of the heat leaves a conservatory through the roof (hot air rises), so by fitting a fully insulated roof, approximately 80% of the heat previously lost through the roof will be retained.

Due to the amount of glass in a conservatory, it will never be as warm or energy-efficient as your house, but clients report that with a nominal amount of heating, their conservatories become usable in all but the very coldest weather.

This depends a lot on the specification of your conservatory and the glass that’s been installed.  If you have a high efficiency glass, then you may be able to remove the doors (this is down to Local Authority Building Control).  We will be able to advise you during a site visit and survey on the suitability.

Even if we advise against opening-up the doorway completely, the installation of a bi-fold door can give you the same feel but also enables you to shut the conservatory off when you are not using it, in order to conserve heat in the house.

This is a very difficult question to answer as there are so many variables.

Obviously, the size of your conservatory affects the price, as does the shape and style.  There are also various options available for roof coverings, internal finishes, lighting options and velux skylights.  These all have an impact on the cost.

We are happy to carry-out a site visit at no charge to you, in order to discuss your requirements, the options available, and provide cost options.

Guardian Warm Roofs are built to fit pretty much any size of conservatory. In certain circumstances, they have been used for commercial projects such as shopping centres, manor houses and hotels. For more information on whether Radley Windows can fit a Guardian Warm Roof on your conservatory, please speak to a member of our team.

If you are thinking of installing a Guardian Warm Roof to your conservatory, you do not need planning permission. However, we recommend that you obtain Building Control approval to ensure a smooth transition. All Guardian Warm Roofs come with full LABC approval, and we will help speed the process along to get your roof installed as soon as possible.

The process of installing your Guardian Warm Roof usually takes between three to four days. We try to cause as little disruption as possible during the process, and are always happy to answer any questions you might have. To start we carefully remove your existing glass roof and prepare the conservatory frame so that it is strong enough to support your new roof.  We then ‘build’ your new roof. It’s a very simple and effective way of completely transforming your conservatory into a new living space.

That is completely up to you. There are hundreds of different ways to make the most of your conservatory. Some of the different ways people utilise their conservatory include: dining room, living room, play area for the kids or grandchildren, chill out area, exercise area, office space, and many more.

Truly excellent service all round.  Were able to deal with all unexpected problems efficiently and effectively. All doors and windows replaced to a very high standard.  We are using Radley again for additional work and will be employing your services for future projects.

Mr. & Mrs. E – Watlington

We have been delighted with the service from Radley. The showroom and manufacturing facility are very impressive.  So nice to be able to actually see what we were getting.

Mr. & Mrs. D – East Hendred

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