Add Style to your Home with uPVC French Doors

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Doors have a huge impact on the characteristics of your house.  They assist with the transition between rooms, your home and your garden. They also play an important part in the way in which light affects your home.

One of the most stylish doors available are uPVC French Doors. Their multiple designs, colours, and styles bring a completely new feel to any room, and allow light to flood into once dark areas.

If you’re not sure as to why you should consider them for your home, here are a few more reasons why we think they make the perfect choice.

Stylish and Sophisticated

As with all things French, our uPVC French Doors have a certain style about them that gives any room a sophisticated air.  Available in various shapes, sizes, and framing designs they can be masterfully customised to match your room and give your home elegant appeal without seeming garish.

UPVC French Doors also come in a range of colour finishes (over 1500 in total). Radley Windows can even visit you in your home and use a spectrometer to find the best blend of colours to complement your home.

They give the impression of extra space

UPVC French Doors are useful for giving the illusion of space. The doors are made of multiple window panes that are supported by uPVC frames. The windows allow you to see through to other areas of your home, or directly outside for an uninterrupted flow from room to outdoors. This can be very useful for a small home or apartment, as it can divide up rooms without seeming claustrophobic.

Architectural design is not a problem for uPVC French Doors

The term ‘French Doors’ could make you think that they are designed especially for period properties, or older homes. It would be a lie to say that French Doors were not originally designed for traditional homes, but they can sit just as comfortably in for more modern homes. This is usually accomplished by incorporating a sleeker frame and window design. For more information about how French doors can be used in modern homes, please contact our advice team.

uPVC French Doors improve your home’s efficiency

All uPVC doors supplied and installed by Radley Windows come with double glazing as standard. Double glazing is one of the best ways to cut the cost of your home energy bills because it reduces the necessity to constantly warm your house. It works by trapping warm air within your home, making it easier to maintain a comfortable temperature without turning up your thermostat. Without double glazing, your home could be losing heat at an astounding rate. By installing uPVC French Doors, you are actively taking steps to reduce your energy bills.

uPVC French Doors are the stylish, yet affordable option when it comes to your home. Their customisable designs, heat efficiency, and ability to light up the whole room make them a perfect choice. For more information about our range of uPVC French Doors, please contact Radley Windows on 01235 512233.

Radley WindowsAdd Style to your Home with uPVC French Doors