Double Rebate Doors

Why settle for less in a front door? Our 70mm composite doors offer great looks with extra security and high levels of insulation.

The Radley Windows range of double rebated doors provide the very best in door technology to provide elegance and protection to your home.

Brighten your entrance and provide a warm welcome. Traditional or modern, quirky or contemporary, the combination of colours, styles and finishes for your new double rebate door is almost endless. From the decorative glass to the choice of door accessories, we pay meticulous attention to ensuring your new door is exactly how you want it.

Protect your family and your property. Built with 70mm of high density polyurethane foam, with a uPVC inner frame and triple glazed decorative glass, these doors are stronger, more durable, more secure and in need of less maintenance than a 44mm single rebate door.

Keep your home snug and your heating bills low. Your heating bills will see an improvement too. Alongside extra insulation, our double rebate doors feature an internal secondary seal, that provides effective protection against draughts and heat loss, even if your door shrinks or expands during changes in the weather.

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“Secured By Design” So You Can Sleep Easy

With a ‘Secured By Design’ double rebate door you can rest easy safe in the knowledge that your family and home well protected.

Police approved “Secured By Design” means these doors reach the highest security standards for protecting property. Featuring the latest in anti-pick, anti-bump, anti-drill and anti-snap locks our doors act as an effective deterrent in putting off would be criminals.

If that wasn’t enough, our “Secured By Design” doors have further security measures built in:

  • Kitemark security cylinders
  • A multi-point locking system as standard
  • Kitemark toughened triple glazed glass
  • Steel reinforced PVC frames

Answers to your questions about double rebate doors.

A composite door is any door made from multiple materials such as wood, glass reinforced plastic (GRP) and polyurethane foam. These materials are pressed together and glued under high pressure form a strong and durable seal against intruders, weather, heat loss and everyday wear and tear.

A rebate is the lip of your door that provides a tight seal to protect your home from weather damage. A double rebated door has two lips, so it features twice the stopping power. Double rebate doors usually come at a 70mm thickness, nearly double the size of a single rebate door.

With basic maintenance and annual oiling of moving parts, you can expect your door to last up to thirty-five years. This is much better than conventional wooden doors that need oiling and painting to stay in good working order.

Radley Windows offer over 1500 different colours and a range of modern and traditional styles for all uPVC composite doors supplied. This allows you to tailor your door to match your home, or make a statement that will be sure to impress. You also have the option of adding woodgrain effects to give your door a traditional feel.

In addition to customising the colour, finish, style and size of your door, you also have a choice of door accessories (handles, knockers, letterbox, glass, hinges, security chains and spy holes) to provide the finishing touch.

There are many additional extras you can purchase for your door, either functional or aesthetic, that can all add that little something extra to your door.

Optional extras include:

  • Windows
  • Knockers
  • Handles
  • Letterboxes
  • Spyholes

Secured by a design is a police backed initiative that sets the security standards for property and security products. All double rebate composite doors supplied and installed by Radley Windows are automatically ‘Secured by Design’. For more information, you can read more about secured by design here.

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