Single vs Double Rebated Doors

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Your front door is not the most common topic of conversation. If you think about it, the only time it ever comes up in discussion is when it needs repairing or replacing. Seeing as you clicked on this post, one of these times must have come around.

If you’re considering replacing your door, it’s worth knowing that the research and technology that now goes into front doors is astounding compared to ten years ago. One of the major developments has been the double rebated composite door. On the surface, this may not mean much, but the components and design have a staggering effect on your home

What is The Difference?

A rebate is a groove that is cut into a composite door to allow for a tight fit when closed. By that logic, a single rebate door has one groove and a double rebate door has two. This revelation may seem simple, but the addition of a second rebate adds even more benefits to an already superb product.

As well as the addition of a groove, double rebated doors are also much thicker. Around 40% thicker in fact. Your standard single rebated door is around 44mm thick, where a double rebated door comes in at around 70mm thick. This affects everything from insulation to your security in a big way.

Thermal Insulation

Low performance windows and doors have long being culprits for wasting energy and money in homes. Single rebated doors are a great way to keep a comfortable temperature in your home, and will not break the bank. However, there will always be gaps that your basic sealing cannot fill.

A double rebated door, adds additional draught protection by creating an internal secondary rebated seal, further preventing the escape of heat and energy. The double rebated door is also 40% thicker, meaning heat will have to work harder to escape.  Glazed units used in double rebate doors are also toughened triple glazed glass that can be gas filled to offer improved thermal performance.

With all this additional thermal insulation it’s no wonder that double rebate doors are A-rated by design for energy efficiency.


Speaking in terms of cost, single rebated doors will be less of an initial shock to your finances. They are definitely the more affordable of the two, and will not let you down in terms of quality. That being said, you pay a premium price for a premium product when you purchase a double rebated door. Everything is bigger, and bigger is most certainly better for your energy bills, security, and general peace of mind.


Installation is a tricky beast to gauge, because the responsibility lies with the installer and not the door. Thankfully, both single and double rebated doors make it easy on professional uPVC door installers such as Radley Windows. Both doors are simple, sleek, and can be installed efficiently and quickly. The only difference between the two doors is that a double rebated door is more robust, which leaves less room for error.

Weather Protection

Weather protection comes down to one main component, the quality of seals and where they are placed. A single rebated door is sealed on every side facing away from your home and provides a tight seal against the weather. You cannot doubt the quality it has, and will be a great shield against rain and wind.

Despite the protection a single rebated door has, it is small time compared to the protection that a double rebated door has to offer. Because of the extra groove, there is double the seal ensuring a tight, impregnable fit. This extra seal will keep out everything the world has to throw at it, including traffic noise and cold drafts.


When it comes to your front door, security is a major issue.  You want something that’s strong enough to deter potential break-ins, whilst still adding to the aesthetic of your home. If you’re looking for the most secure option, then a double rebate door wins over single rebate hands down.  A double rebated door is 70mm thick (compared to the 44mm thickness of a single rebate door).  This makes it extremely durable against the efforts of an intruder. Of course the thickness of the door is not the only security feature, in addition our range of double rebated doors include:

  • Multi-point locking systems
  • Coupling bars
  • Yale cylinder locking systems
  • Reinforced hinges
  • Steel dog bolts
  • Triple glazed, anti-tampering glazing
  • Anti-bump, anti-drill, anti-pick and anti-snap Kitemarked cylinder lock barrels

Together these security features create a product that meets the police approved ‘secure by design’ standard.

Both the single and double rebated door are high quality products, however a double rebate composite door offers just that little bit more for your money. To find out about our full composite door range, please feel free to speak to a member of our team who can help you find the right product for your home. Call Radley Windows on 01235 512233 or send us an enquiry.

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