A Great Idea For A Warmer Home

on November 30, 2017 No comments

As the cold weather starts bite we all begin to notice the cold spots in our homes. If your house is anything like most of the homes in Britain the place where cold drafts are most obviously felt is in the hall by the front door.

According to The London Borough of Haringey Council’s website, 40% of the heat in your house is lost through doors and windows. This heat loss makes your home colder (obviously) but also costs you lots of money in the form of higher heating bills. You turn up the thermostat as the temperature drops but that hot air just leaks out into the street.

We all seem to know about the benefits of loft insulation and switching to double or triple glazed windows these days, but did you know that you can benefit hugely by replacing your front door as well? When you get a modern front door installed, you are not just replacing one block of wood for another. You are actually changing the whole thermal flow of your home, turning the draughty hallway into a warm, welcoming snug entrance.

The key to finding a great new door is to look for the term ‘double rebated’. This means that the door continuously overlaps the frame at two points all around the edges, both front and back, with two sealing strips to eliminate those draughts. Even if a draft gets through one seal, the second blocks it. A well fitted new front door really does mean no more drafts.

Double rebated doors are a lot thicker than standard doors too. Instead of just 44mm between you and the outside world you will typically see 65mm thick doors, or if you come to Radley Windows, you will find our A-rated double rebated doors are actually 70mm. This creates a thermally efficient plug that drastically reduces heat loss from that part of your home.

If that isn’t enough there is a big additional benefit to making the change. Our double rebate doors feature reinforced hinges,Yale cylinder locks, multiple locking points, anti-drill, anti-pick and anti-snap Kite marked cylinder lock barrels. Yes, our double rebated doors are built with security as well as insulation in mind. We manufacture our doors to the exacting standards of the police-backed “Secured by Design”, initiative.

And one more thing. I forgot to mention that our doors look fantastic too. We manufacture double rebated doors in more than 1500 colours and use top quality materials and techniques for their construction. Here at Radley Windows are proud of what we do and we are sure that when you have a new double rebated front door installed, you will feel proud too.

Radley WindowsA Great Idea For A Warmer Home