Keeping Your Windows Condensation Free

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With Christmas just around the corner many of us will be hosting get-togethers with family and friends. You may have Christmas drinks planned for your neighbours, or are welcoming your entire family for Christmas dinner. With so many things to think about when planning a party, the last thing you need are windows dripping with condensation spoiling your carefully crafted Christmas ambience.

To keep your windows clear and condensation free here are few simple steps you can take.

What Causes Condensation On Windows?

In order to prevent condensation it’s useful to know what it is and how it is formed.

Condensation occurs when levels of humidity build up in your house caused by lack of ventilation. When this warm moisture filled air comes into contact with a cold wall or window, it is no longer able to retain moisture and releases water onto the colder surface in the form of condensation.

The most regular time for this to happen is at night, when heating is turned off and air starts to cool within the home to the point where it can no longer hold onto moisture.

Over time untreated condensation can cause mould to grow which is not only unsightly but also potentially harmful to your home and health.

How to prevent condensation

Good ventilation is key when trying to avoid condensation throughout the home. One of the main causes of condensation is air simply not circulating properly. Opening your windows daily for at least 10 minutes will allow fresh air in and encourage it to move around your home. If your windows do not have secure multi-locking ventilation system, be sure to open the windows only when there are people home.

We all know kitchens get very busy over the festive period and all that cooking causes lots and lots of humidity. An easy tip for preventing condensation is to use lids while cooking to stop excess amounts of steam covering your windows. A good rule of thumb is, if a pot is boiling, keep a lid on it! Also make sure you have the extractor fan on and doors or windows open to allow the extra heat to escape from the room.

Bathrooms are another hot spot for excess humidity, especially if you have visitors staying overnight. Hot steamy showers can cause lots of condensation so you should keep your extractor fan on while having a shower. You may also want to leave the fan on after you finished your shower and keep the bathroom door shut until the steam clears. Wiping down damp walls after the shower will also go a long way in keeping the room dry and condensation free.

Another way of keeping a good air flow through your rooms, wardrobes and kitchen cupboards is to not overfill them. This prevents them from becoming breeding grounds for mould. You should also place your furniture slightly away from the wall to allow air to circulate freely around the property.

The long-term solution to avoid condensation is to invest in ventilation and insulation to reduce the amount of heat that is lost from a property.  This helps to keep the temperature of surfaces inside your property at a higher level and condensation free.

Our uPVC double-glazed windows can help you with the battle against condensation.  As well as keeping the cold out and the heat in, our double-glazed windows stay warmer than single glazed ones and therefore don’t experience as much condensation.

If you are having issues with condensation inside your double-glazed windows the sealing unit may be broken, and it might be time to look replacing your windows. Please feel free to contact Radley Windows for a free no obligation quote for replacement windows.

Radley WindowsKeeping Your Windows Condensation Free