What is the Radley Difference?

The Radley Difference is…

Our industry-beating no-quibble 10 year guarantee

When you choose Radley, you’re choosing quality with peace-of-mind.

Our windows, doors, and conservatories all come with a comprehensive no-quibble guarantee which lasts for a full 10 years after installation.

Most companies will back their warranties with the relevant manufacturers, so you’ll tend to get one length of guarantee on the glazing panels, a different one on the frames, and yet another on the installation. Then there’s the “fair use” and “wear & tear” get-out clauses.

At Radley, we ARE the manufactures, and we have our own installation team, so we don’t need to play games. We just give you a no-nonsense 10 year guarantee on EVERYTHING!

Radley Windows Oxfordshire factory

The Radley Difference is…

Being a Which? Trusted Trader

Which? Trusted Traders is an endorsement scheme recognising reputable traders who successfully pass a rigorous assessment process carried out by trading standards professionals. When you see the Which? Trusted Trader logo you are buying from a business that you can count on and a business that has been recognised as such by the UK’s largest independent consumer body. We are a Which? Trusted trader and proud to display the logo as a sign of our good reputation.

The Radley Difference is…

Our in-house Installation Team

At Radley Windows we know how important it is to get the installation of windows, doors, and conservatories right, and how important that is to our hard-earned reputation.

That’s why we have our own team of installers, who are all highly qualified and have many years of experience. They’re not paid by the hour, and they’re not sub-contractors, so their only interest is in making sure the job is done to the highest possible quality.

They will ensure that your installation is up to your expectations, and will make sure that they tidy-up before leaving the site.

Radley Windows Oxfordshire Showroom

The Radley Difference is…

Double Glazing without the double talk.

One of the key indicators of quality in the ‘Which?” report on choosing a double glazing company is to choose one that has been around a long time. Here at Radley Windows we have been manufacturing and supplying doors and windows in our area for more than 30 years.

Over that time have worked tirelessly to build the reputation for quality and service that we are justly proud of. We don’t need to pressurise clients into hasty sales. We simply invite you to come and see the Radley Difference for yourself.

Radley Windows Oxfordshire

The Radley Difference is…

a higher level of quality control.

All upvc door and window manufacturers use a method of ‘grooving’ joints to clean off sprues left after a joint has been welded. This leaves an unsightly joint that collects dust and makes cleaning more difficult.

Radley Windows are the only UK company that (as standard) will always hand polish all main mullion and transom joints to completely eliminate any sign of the welding process.

This dedication to producing clean strong windows that also look utterly beautiful really does set us apart from our competitors.

Radley Windows Oxfordshire Showroom

The Radley Difference is…

manufactured in the Oxfordshire factory.

When you visit our showroom in Didcot we can also show you around the factory next door where your windows, conservatories and doors will actually be made to order by expert craftsmen and women.

You can see for yourself, the pride, time, sheer effort and highest level of care that we put in to our manufacturing process. You can talk to the people who do the work and have you questions answered by the very people who will actually be making your windows for you.  We believe this level of openness is a big part of the Radley Difference and has ensured we continue to provide the very highest quality offerings.

Radley Windows Oxfordshire factory

The Radley Difference is…

a rainbow of possibilities.

White is alright, but why follow the crowd? With over 1500 colours available, we can provide the colour to complement your home. We can even visit your home with a spectrometer to get a perfect colour match for your existing frames.

Because we can offer you this rainbow of possibilities, Radley Windows are the perfect choice for customers who really care about their home.

Doors and windows in over 1500 colours

That’s the Radley Difference – how much is that worth to you?

Cameron KinrossThe Radley Difference