What Are The Benefits Of UPVC Windows

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UPVC windows are one of the best options on the market bringing with them a host of benefits that include: durability, energy efficiency, improved security and audio insulation.  Not only that, but they come in a wide variety of colours and finishes to suit any home.


UPVC stands for Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride, a highly durable and rigid material. UPVC does not absorb water, making it extremely weatherproof which significantly reduces the chance of your window frame bloating, or warping.

The durability of uPVC also means that, with regular maintenance, your frames should last in good condition for many years to come.

Energy Efficiency

UPVC windows have some of the best insulating properties of any material currently available and are built with energy efficiency in mind.  With an advanced chamber system in the frames, thermal inserts and double or triple glazing, uPVC windows are engineered to provide as much thermal insulation as possible.

They also come with double glazing as standard.  Double glazing utilises the vacuum between two window panes to form an insulating layer, preventing heat loss and helping to keep cold air and draughts out.  By installing A+ energy efficient uPVC windows, the Energy Savings Trust calculates the average semi-detached home could save up to £110.00 per year on their heating bills.


Thanks to a range of multi-point locking systems built into the frames, uPVC windows are a gold standard in window security. They also adhere to the British Standard 7950 kite mark, which sets out a strict set of guidelines that all window security products must follow.

Not only do uPVC windows add an extra layer of security to protect against unwanted intruders, they can also help to bring down premiums on home insurance as insurers look more favourably on homes taking additional security measures.

Audio Insulation

If you suffer from unwanted noise from busy roads, flight paths or neighbours then uPVC windows can help. Sound is the vibration of air until it reaches your ears, and single pane windows will be easier to vibrate which in turn vibrates the air in your home. The double glazing panels used in uPVC windows use various gases (including argon, air and inert gas) in the space between the two window panes to slow down sound vibrations.  This makes it difficult for the sound to move through the second window pane, which results in less noise infiltrating your home.

Wide Colour Range

Whilst the most common colour for uPVC windows is white, it doesn’t mean you have to stick with this option. With hundreds of different colours to choose from, you can match or contrast the colour of your frames with existing fittings however you desire.

Environmental Credentials

Because uPVC is a form of plastic, it is highly recyclable in the modern world.  During fabrication, any waste uPVC or off-cuts are immediately recycled for further use, reducing landfill build up. The energy efficient properties of uPVC windows also helps reduce your energy consumption which in turn reduces your carbon footprint. Reduced energy consumption, means less energy demand, which in turn mean less energy generated from fossil fuels.

Easy To Maintain

UPVC windows are so much easier to maintain when compared to timber frames which need regular oiling, painting and treating. The only regular maintenance necessary is cleaning the frame and windows. This helps reduce mould and mildew build up, as well as keeping your windows looking their best. For cleaning advice, take a look at our uPVC window cleaning guide.

Advantages Of uPVC Over Aluminium

Compared to uPVC, aluminium is a costlier alternative due to the expense of production.  This makes uPVC windows a much more cost-effective option than those with aluminium frames, without losing out on efficiency, security and durability.

Advantages Of uPVC Over Timber

UPVC windows have many advantages over timber windows. The first being that timber can absorb water and start to warp, whereas the ability of uPVC to repel water ensures that they will stay the same shape throughout their product life.

The second is that timber windows have weaker security compared to uPVC, as they do not have built in multi-point locking systems. This can make timber windows an easy access point. Lastly, timber windows react to the seasons by expanding and contracting. This can leave gaps in your frame leading to cold and draughts. UPVC remain the same shape ensuring 100% thermal efficiency all the time.

Installing new uPVC windows are one of the best ways to reduce energy consumption in your home and make it more secure. Not only that, but they also ensure you will not have to fork out on costly window repairs in the foreseeable future thanks to its durability. For more information on upgrading your windows to uPVC, please speak to Radley Windows on 01235 512233.

Radley WindowsWhat Are The Benefits Of UPVC Windows

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