How To Clean uPVC Windows

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Here are some quick and easy tips to bring a sparkle back to your uPVC windows and in good working order.

  • Use a hoover to pick up any dust in the nooks and crannies of your uPVC window. This will make it easier to clean when you start to use a cloth. It is better to use a brush nozzle attachment on your hoover, as it will prevent any scratches on the window.
  • Find a soft cloth and warm soapy water to wipe down your uPVC window. Washing up liquid will do the trick without damaging your window sealing.
  • Dry off your window with a tea towel or an old cloth. make sure the cloth is non-abrasive to avoid scratching the uPVC. For a clearer shine, you can try removing smears with newspaper.

uPVC Window Cleaning Top Tips

White Vinegar

A remedy for almost any cleaning problem, white vinegar is perfect for removing unsightly stains from your uPVC windows. White vinegar is environmentally friendly, time tested, and extremely efficient. You can mix nine parts hot water, one part white vinegar, and half a teaspoon of washing up liquid. Mix the solution in a spray bottle, and use sparingly on your window and frames. Wipe down with a soft cloth to dry it off, and check for any remaining dirty marks. The results will always amaze you, and your house will look refreshed and attractive.

Choose The Right Cloth

Cleaning your uPVC windows is not just about the solution you use. Choosing the wrong cloth for the job can have consequences. By using a scourer, or any other hard cloth, you can scratch away the glossy finish of your windows. We recommend using a soft cloth, mixed with the white vinegar solution mentioned earlier, to leave your windows with a sparkling finish throughout all of Spring.

Avoid Expensive Chemicals

You may think that the higher the price, the better the product. But when it comes to uPVC, this is not always the case.  Using expensive chemicals can sometimes lead to bigger problems than you started with. For instance, using strong chemicals to clean your windows can result in losing the glossy finish. When buying window cleaning products we recommend that you always make sure that the product is suitable for uPVC to avoid damaging the finish.

Low maintenance, beautifully installed uPVC windows are a popular choice for many homes. Not only are you guaranteed to always enjoy looking at them, but they also require very little maintenance.  However, a small spring clean will help keep them looking their best. For more information on uPVC windows please feel free to contact Radley Windows on 01235 512233.

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